Enjoying cozy heating and cooling in Temple/Belton , Texas, all year appears to be a good approach. But really, how can you maintain a comfy home while stopping energy costs from skyrocketing?

Keeping your home cozy when it’s cold isn’t as hard as you may think. But on occasion you could require professional assistance if you’re finding hot and cold spots. Or if your equipment doesn’t deliver warmth like it once did.

If you’re having comfort issues or need furnace repair, the heating and cooling pros at Bell Air Conditioning Inc can help. Reach us at 254-307-9572 to request an appointment today.

In the meantime, here are some ideas on how to approach your thermostat while it’s colder.

Lower Temperatures When You Go to Work

Decreasing the thermostat 10–15 degrees while you’re out for the day can save 5–15% on your energy costs, according to the Department of Energy. If your residence is empty most of the day, this is a great method to decrease expenses. And when you contemplate what even 5% could do for your heating expenses, that can make a huge difference!

Decrease Temperatures for Sleeping

You can also turn down the setting before you go to bed. It surprisingly benefits more than merely your utility expenses! The ideal temperature for going to bed is 60-67 degrees, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Your body cools down naturally to aid in sleeping, so keeping your bedroom chilly could help you go to bed more easily.

Use a Smart Thermostat

One point to think over if you don’t already have it—a smart thermostat. You won’t have to go over to the thermostat to lower it. In actuality, you can adjust it from just about anywhere with your phone. A Wi-Fi thermostat also picks up on your household schedule and instinctively changes the setting to help you save more on energy costs.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Residence with Support from the Heating and Cooling Experts

Even if you don’t make big changes to your thermostat, a small adjustment can impact your gas costs.

While you are managing your thermostat, there are a few other things to consider during the heating season.

  • Set an appointment for routine furnace maintenance. Heating service ensures your system is operating appropriately and may help make your heater more efficient.
  • Inspect your air filter. If you don’t notice light through it, it’s time to get a new one.

Both of these items will help make sure your heater is in top form to keep your house warm.

If you need help having a smart thermostat or have furnace concerns, reach the specialists at Bell Air Conditioning Inc to gain outstanding guidance. You can get in touch with us at 254-307-9572 or request an appointment online.