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Choosing the Right Heating and Air Conditioning System for Temple/Belton

September 30, 2015

Given the temperatures in Temple/Belton, there are a number of factors involved in the way you approach your heating and air conditioning. And when it’s time to think through purchasing a heating and air conditioning system, it’s easy to make a hasty decision and be left with a system that doesn’t totally  address all of the needs that come with the weather.

Here’s a quick and simple explanation of how to determine what will work best for the current climate in Temple/Belton or a new climate if you plan on moving.

Warmer climates

The southern region of North America typically has warmer weather for the majority of the year, so not all heating and air conditioning equipment is right for that climate. These warmer climates usually utilize heat pumps and air handlers.

  • Heat pumps manage both your cooling and heating needs in one system. Even if you don’t think you need the heating functionality of a heat pump, it can help you get the greatest energy efficiency out of your system. Plus, you never know when there will be a surprise cold front that cools things off a few degrees.
  • Air handlers ensure the air inside your home is being circulated. Whether it’s the warm air in chilly months or cool air in the hotter months, air handlers make sure your comfort is always a big priority.

Colder climates

If we talk about the climates in the northern portion of North America, it’s safer to go with an air conditioner and furnace to handle your heating and air conditioning needs. With temperatures getting frigid more frequently, gas and oil furnaces can operate regardless of the temperature outside, leaving you comfortable indoors.

Being sure your home is comfortable year-round means taking a little time to understand the heating and air conditioning needs of your region. Not sure what is right for you? Give the pros at Bell Air Conditioning Inc a call at 254-307-9572 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss all of the choices available to you in Temple/Belton to be sure you’re always comfortable.